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Thought for Today Board
December 30, 2020 to February 28, 2021 - A Perfect Gift for the New Year

An initiative to promote the feelings of Positivity at Home and Society. A simple and natural way of spreading good vibrations. When our mind reads a positive and inspiring thoughts, it creates vibs of the same. When it reflects with others, the positivity spreads and we will be surrounded by good vibs and gradually attract goodness in our life. It's all how we think.


This initiative is a pure effort to spread the seeds of Positivity in a simple natural way

A set of 365 beautiful, crafted quotations are color printed on a high-quality laminated sheets, which can be placed easily on an elegant board.


Each day one quote can be replaced. Changing daily thoughts is an interesting and motivating activity for Children and elders too.

Thousands of homes and offices are using these sets to promote positivity. It is best suitable at the entrance of Homes, apartments, offices, and public places.

Its being offered by the Non Profit organisation ‘Brahma Kumaris’.


Details at Ph : 93965 03335