With the extracts from the wisdom of efficient Indian heritage and Rajayoga Meditation, various pre-designed and tailored made ‘experience oriented’ courses are offered in the form of residential and one day retreats.

List of some of the topics:

Stress-Free Living
Stress is a messenger guiding back to a state of balance and health. Unless we attend and tackle this message, the stress will increase resulting in various risks.
Explore how to :
* Identify the root cause of Stress * Turn negative, energy draining thoughts into positive, empowering thoughts * cope up with ‘change’ * Discover the divine core at the heart of harmonious relationships

Positive Thinking
Quality of the thoughts determines the quality of life and positive attitude can change a problem into an opportunity.
Explore how to :
* Set attitude to reach to the altitude * become master of thoughts & feelings * taste the deliciousness of positive thoughts * develop constant positive attitude * apply the gentle art of self reflection towards positive personal growth

Self Esteem
Just as a seed contains the potential of a mighty tree, in the same way ‘self’ has all the resources within to achieve a happy and successful life.
Explore how to :
* Discover and know the true you * Accept your uniqueness and identify your personal strengths and abilities * Make right choices at the right time * Understand and Manage pessimism.

Anger & Emotion Control
A small fire can spread into a wild fire burning away whole lot of forest tree, so also the fire of anger if not controlled can cause serious havoc to the self and to others. Anger is not the strength or not a proper tool to administer works, but is an inability of the self and a means of spoiling the long term benefits & relations
Explore how to :
* Understand the anger process * Let go off inner pain * get acquainted to work with peace and power *develop a range of practical tools *….

RajaYoga Meditation
For thousands of years, Meditation has been used as one of the most natural and effective ways to restore a positive and relaxed state of mind. Rajayoga, based on the wisdom of precious Indian heritage is the process of channeling mind towards higher planes of the self.
Explore how to :
* Meditate anywhere, anywhere * Connect to supreme source of divine energy * Draw upon the powers of the self * Experience the real positive self

Self Managing Leadership
Just as a ship needs a compass to guide and an anchor to secure, we too need those things to enable us in the life’s journey towards right direction
Explore how to :
* Focus on what is really important * Set the real motto * Weaken the weaknesses and Strengthen the Strengths * Understand the difference between force and power and how they affect you and others.

Living Values
Values are the treasure of life they bring empowerment to the self. Fragrance of Virtues opens the heart and fills the life with happiness. One who experience values will also able to share with others. A society with Values enjoys a sense of Self-respect, Security and Comfort.
A special programme involving stories, plays, activities, music, art, craft, discussions etc.
Explore more about
* Peace, Love, Cooperation, Freedom, Honesty, Humility, Respect, Responsibility, Simplicity, Tolerance, Unity * methods of teachings in Educational institutions

Health Programmes
It is said that 70 – 80 % of diseases have their link in the mental attitudes. Thoughts can do a lot more than what we know, it also affects the well-being of a human body. With proper understanding of Meditation, Mental attitudes, Healthy lifestyles, Physical exercises and Divine power we can move ahead towards ‘healthy mind in a healthy body’.
Various programmes like Diabetes Camp, Cardio Artillary Diseases regression programme, General health camps etc. are also arranged

Some of the other in-depth topics are :
Harmony in relations
Team Spirit
Leadership thoughts
Journey within
Divine Insights
Yogasanas & Pranayam
Meditative walk … etc.