Shanti Sarovar - Academy for a Better World

An oasis of peace established by the global organization - Brahma Kumaris. Situated in the happening city of ‘Hyderabad’ in sprawling 34 acres of land - Shanti Sarovar is a perfect place to relax, refresh and recharge the inner-self. As an Academy for higher learning of values and inner skills, it conducts wide spectrum of courses, retreats, seminars, workshops amidst pleasant atmosphere reverberating with waves of peace and spiritual power.

The calm and serene atmosphere along with the delightful landscaping, greenery, waterfalls, fountains, rock formations etc. compliments the campus purpose of creating better people for better tomorrow. As a place of inner reflection and self development, it has helped to nurture the spirits of thousands of people by enabling them to draw the power from the Supreme Being.


With extracts from the wisdom of Indian heritage and Rajayoga Meditation, various pre-designed and tailor made ‘experience oriented’ courses are offered in the form of residential and one day retreats.

List of some topics:

• Self Managing Skills
• Life Managing Skills
• Positive Thinking
• Stress Free Living
• Harmony in Relations
• Self Esteem
• Conquering Anger
• RajaYoga Meditation
• Living Values
• Leadership Attitudes

Exclusive programmes are also available for Organisations, Institutions and Corporates.